Revolutionizing Hail Damage Assessment

At HDPRO, we are dedicated to advancing the technology and techniques used in the automotive repair industry.
One of our most innovative solutions is the HDPRO Hail Scanner, 
a state-of-the-art device designed to accurately and efficiently assess hail damage on vehicles.

What is the Hail Scanner?

Hail Scanner is an advanced, portable device that utilizes cutting-edge technology to detect and measure hail damage on vehicles.

Key Features

High Precision Detection

The Hail Scanner uses high-resolution imaging and laser scanning technology to detect even the smallest dents caused by hail. It provides precise measurements of the depth and diameter of each dent, ensuring no damage goes unnoticed.

Comprehensive Damage Reports

Our Hail Scanner generates detailed damage reports, including the location and severity of each dent. These reports are essential for creating accurate repair estimates and for documenting the extent of damage for insurance claims.

Speed and Efficiency

The Hail Scanner significantly reduces the time needed to assess hail damage. Traditional methods can be time-consuming and often miss subtle damage, but our scanner performs a complete assessment quickly and accurately, allowing for faster decision-making and repair scheduling.

Benefits of the
Hail Scanner


Enhanced Accuracy

The precision of the Hail Scanner ensures that all damage is accounted for, leading to more accurate repair estimates and higher quality repairs. This accuracy helps in maintaining the integrity and appearance of the vehicle.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

By providing a thorough and accurate assessment of hail damage, the Hail Scanner helps build trust with customers. They can be confident that all damage will be addressed, leading to higher satisfaction with the repair process.

Streamlined Insurance Claims

The detailed reports generated by the Hail Scanner are invaluable for insurance claims. They provide clear, indisputable evidence of the extent of damage, simplifying the claims process and reducing disputes.

Cost Savings

Accurate damage assessment prevents unnecessary repairs and ensures that all necessary repairs are completed. This efficiency reduces overall repair costs and minimizes the time vehicles spend in the shop, leading to cost savings for both repair shops and vehicle owners.